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Automatic Bagging Press Machine

Bagging press machines are quite popular in baling and bagging some materials like used clothes or rags, wood shavings, sawdust and rice husks etc. This kind of machine combines both baling and bagging function in one machine. So it is very convenient to achieve size reduction and packaging purpose at the same time. For labor cost saving and efficient work purpose, automatic bagging press machine is your ideal option in this case.


How does automatic bagging press machine work?

The automatic bagging press machine normally work with other feeding system and bag wrapping or sealing system for the efficient work of whole process.

If your baling and bagging amount is not much but need a scale weighing function for each bale, you can choose small scale weighing baling and bagging machine directly. This bagging press machine can scale your feeding materials for each bale first and then compress these materials into bale at the exit automatically. This kind of machine is widely used in the baling and bagging purpose of textile materials like used clothes , rags or fibers. Also it is very popular in animal bedding industry. Because animal bedding normally requires a specified size box and weight. For example, animal bedding such as wood chips is in the foam shelter. These shelters should be sent to final customers and it includes a small wrapped bale of the wood chips. The bale can weigh no more than 2kgs.

If your baling and bagging amount is larger, you can choose a heavy duty baling and bagging press machine. It is better to add a feeding system like a conveyor for easy and efficient material input. When the sensor on the hopper detects that material is full, the machine will start compression automatically. With more compression times, the more material are fed into the baler and get compressed, and the heavier bale weight. For plastic bag, you can use scotch tape to do the sealing. Of course, you can also use a plastic-bag sealing machine (adopt heat melting principle) to do it. Such kind of sealing machine adopts heat melting principle and needs to work with air compressor.


Automatic bagging press machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of automatic bagging press machines. Whatever vertical bagging press or horizontal bagging press, you can send us your specific requirements to get your own machine. Contact us now!


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