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Automatic Bale Packaging System

Automatic bale packaging system refers to the automatic packing functions in either tying or bagging. These innovative all-in-one bale packaging system enhances the productivity. They make bale packaging compact, simple and in high speed. The superior performance makes them more and more popular in large size baling facilities.

Different types of automatic bale packaging system

Although most balers have versatile baling applications, there is some materials which still need unique designs to better suit their best compress result. Due to the different in baling process, there are also different in automatic bale packaging systems. Here we only introduce some typical automatic bale packaging systems in the market for easy reference:

1. automatic bale packaging systems for baling cardboard

Normally there are two main types. One is wire system with threading and twisting system, while the other is individual flexible wire tie system. Bale packaging system with threading and twisting is the traditional solution to use steel wire to pack cardboard bales. It has the risk in maintenance in threading and twisting system. However, new technology wire tie system can avoid such problems and it is more flexible in choosing different baling materials like plastic strapping material and steel wire. The two options are all automatic tying systems because it is no need to bag cardboard.

2. automatic bale packaging systems for baling cotton and fiber

Automatic cotton bale packaging system can be either up-packing strapping system or down-packing strapping system. Both of them are very efficient and can ensure uniform strap placement and product integrity. It can work with automatic bagging system for final bagged cotton bales.

3. automatic bale bagger

Automatic bale bagger can bag the compact bales without strapping. It is also a simple and direct packaging solution.

All of above automatic bale packaging systems are no manual threading, thus they minimize the labor cost in whole packaging process. With the new technology development, we believe bale packaging will be much easier and more and more better packaging solutions will be available in the market.

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