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Automatic Bale Packing Machine

Bale packing machines aim to compress and pack a wide variety of materials into dense bales for easier process in transportation and storage. Both vertical bale packing machine and horizontal bale packing machine are fine to press all kinds of recycling materials. For automatic bale packing machine, it can pack bulky materials and greatly reduce initial volume in more efficient solution. Both round bales and square bales are available in the market. However square bales will be more popular due to its convenience in transportation.

Automatic bale packing machine in the market

The automatic functions in bale packing machine can be automatic material feeding system, automatic material compressing in the compressing chamber and automatic wire tying and automatic bale exit. Sometimes, it may need to bag the bales automatically. Due to its efficient and cost effective for large amount of materials, automatic bale packing machines are more and more popular in recent years. Also it has very wide range of baling applications in the market. For example, hay and straw, plant fiber like coconut fiber, cardboard and paper, hollow containers like PET bottles or aluminum cans, used clothes, metal drums, and soft plastics like plastic films etc. For some automatic baler with advanced wire tying system, tire and aluminum scraps are even feasible for baling.

SINOBALER automatic bale packing machines

SINOBALER has several automatic bale packing machines for your different options. Singe ram fully automatic horizontal baler, L-type two ram automatic baler, automatic drum crusher set and horizontal briquetting baler are all choices for your automatic bale packing purpose. L-type two ram automatic baler has the widest baling applications due to its flexible wire system. From common materials like cardboard and PET bottles to high rebound material tire or light metals, L-type two ram automatic baler is always working well. You can also choose steel wire or plastic strapping material for different choice. Contact SINOBALER today for your own baling requirements.

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