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Block Making Machine / Automatic Block Making Machine

What is block making machine? Most people will say concrete block making machine. Yes, it is most popular to make all types of construction material such fly ash brick, concrete block, interlocking brick, interlocking block, interlocking paver etc. But here we only focus on the horizontal automatic block making machines which are suitable to make wood shaving block, sawdust block, rice husk block, coconut husk etc. This horizontal briquetting machine can compress these soft and loose fine materials into hard blocks without packing needs.


Why we use block making machine?

Square and dense bales are easy for transportation and storage. This block making machine is different from normal baling machine. It is only available for some specific materials like sawdust, chopped straw/hay, rice husks and peanut shells. For these loose and small piece of materials, you cannot bale them or tie them. So briquetting is a quite good solution for them. You can use block making machines to compress these materials into hard briquette directly. These briquettes do not need further packing or strapping. So such kind of briquette is very easy to transport or stack. This can help you save a lot of money, time and space.


Automatic block making machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has this kind of special block making machine in product range. We have two standard models SHB1-WSB-1500 and SHB1-WSB-2000 for your options. This machine is automatic and has PLC control system. Hydraulic lifting door can be automatically lifted up to let bales come out. Automatic bale ejecting system enables labor free bale ejecting. Automatic feeding conveyor is optional for continuous feeding materials. The closed end door design makes sure firm briquetted bales. This block making machine is widely applicable in animal feeding or bedding material factories, plant fertilizer factories and farms etc.


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