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Automatic Channel Baler Machine

Automatic channel baler machine is the most popular size reduction machine for the compaction of large waste and recycling materials. It is ideal for the high capacity baling facilities because it can produce high density bales with minimal labor cost and efficient work. Material feeding, bale compacting, bale tying as well as ejection are all carried out automatically. That means worker only need to collect materials to the material transportation system such as conveyor, and wait the bale out from the exit platform. Then forklift can move the compacted bales to the bale stock warehouse.

Automatic channel baler machine introduction

1. Who need automatic channel balers

Professional waste disposal companies, distribution centers, recycling centers, processing industries as well as paper industry prefer to automatic channel baler.

2. What kind of materials automatic channel balers can compress?

Automatic channel baler can compress a wide range of materials including but not limited to paper, cardboard, PET bottles, fiber, hay and straw, soft plastic packaging materials, and urban waste etc.

3. In-feed solutions for automatic channel balers

Different in-feed systems can be available for options. For example, PVC conveyor or steel conveyor, forklift and suction units.

4. How to check the quality of the baler?

Highly robust steel frames, precision fitted main rams and powerful hydraulic system are all very important to the overall quality of the machine. So you can check if the steel frame is strong enough to ensure maximum lift span. Whether the hydraulic system can achieve the highest production ratios as well as highest density bales with the lowest energy consumption and noise generation. Whether the electrical system can incorporate the PLC system and hydraulic system work together perfectly. These are main concerns about baler quality.

Automatic channel balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has two type of fully automatic channel balers for options. One is single-ram fully automatic baler and the other is L-type two ram fully automatic baler. The main difference between the two automatic balers is wire system. So Contact SINOBALER to know more details about two balers and our professional team will tailor your baling requirement with the most suitable machine.

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