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Automatic Powerful Cardboard Baler Machine

What are the features of automatic powerful cardboard baler?

Automatic powerful cardboard baler is the most popular baler especially for the compaction of large amount of cardboard waste materials. Normally these fully automatic balers are suitable for a wide range of materials such as paper, cardboard, PET bottles, plastic films, plant fibers, hay and straws, etc. They can also be continuously fed by third party systems such as feed conveyor, fork lift or suction units for efficient material feeding.

Automatic powerful horizontal baler features with its high productivity, high efficiency and high bale density. Fully automatic operation reduces much labor cost and greatly improves the working efficiency. Large feeding chute is open for various efficient material feeding systems. The typical automatic tying and twisting technique release manpower and make whole process easy. Of course, you can use a flexible strapping system to replace the tying and twisting system. This kind of flexible strapping system also provides the options of tying materials with plastic strapping or steel wire strapping. Automatic powerful baler also has high press force to make sure high density bales produced. The interaction of PLC control system with hydraulic and electrical systems ensures each bales in required bale size and bale weight.

How to choose a right automatic powerful cardboard baler supplier?

Automatic powerful cardboard baler can compact large quantities of cardboard waste into dense bales quickly and safely. But how to choose a right baler supplier? First, you need to choose the baler manufacturer with rich experience in such automatic power baler manufacturing. Second, the baler quality should be proven by customer reference or actual testing. Third, the capacity and bale weight objectives should be achieved with your requirement. SINOBALER is professional in manufacturing large automatic powerful balers for worldwide customers. We can offer automatic powerful baler with either tying and twisting system or flexible strapping system. So once you have large quantity of cardboard waste for baling and compacting, SINOBALER is always ready for service.

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