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Automatic PP Strapping Baler Machine

Right and quality strapping material is one of the contributions to achieve final excellent bales. In the market, there are two main materials for bale strapping purpose. But both steel wire and plastic strapping material are their own advantages and disadvantages. So you should choose the right strapping material to fit your own material’s best baling result. PP strapping as a popular plastic strapping material is usually available for lightweight material bales. For example, clothing bales, cardboard bales, plastic bales or fiber bales. Automatic PP strapping baler machine is the top line of most efficient PP strapping baler.

Common vertical PP strapping baler and automatic PP strapping baler machine in the market

PP strapping baler can be either vertical baler or horizontal baler. The typical vertical PP strapping baler is clothing baler because used clothes prefer to plast ic bag bagging and strapping for cleaning purpose. Of course, PP strapping is less expensive than steel wire. So it is preferable choice if same bale is both available for steel wire and plastic strapping. Lifting chamber baler is a good example to bale textiles with PP strapping.

Automatic PP strapping baling press machine is also a popular horizontal PP strapping baler especially for hay baling in the market. Import and export goods to every corner of the world become a common issue. The western ports from USA is always exporting hay and forage to China, Japan, Korea and various countries in the Middle East. When strapped hay is loaded into a container, it is highly compressed to maximize bales per container and minimize the freight cost.

Automatic PP strapping balers in SINOBALER

L-type two ram automatic baler is a typical automatic PP strapping baler machine in SINOBALER. Attributed to separate and flexible strapping device mounted at the bale exit, you can choose your own favorable strapping solution whatever steel wire tying or plastic strapping. So contact SINOBAELR now to find your best baling solution.

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