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Automatic Waste Paper Baler Machine

Waste paper balers have many type of different balers. Either vertical baler or horizontal baler is suitable for baling waste paper. Normally vertical waste paper baler is manual. So you need to tying the bales manually. Horizontal waste paper baler can be semi-automatic or automatic waste paper baler machine. Additionally you can also choose the tying materials with plastic strapping or steel wire strapping. The worker can be released from manual work. From material feeding to bale exit, you just need to wait and move the bales to warehouse or other destination.

Automatic waste paper baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several type of automatic baler machines. For example, automatic drum crusher set, single-ram fully automatic baler, and L-type two-ram automatic baler etc. Waste paper is one of the most popular waste recycling materials. There are many different kind of balers which are suitable for baling waste paper. For example, mini baler, mill size baler, heavy duty two ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and fully automatic horizontal baler. But fully automatic waste paper baler machine is the most automatic and efficient baling solution. You can choose either single-ram fully automatic baler or L-type two-ram automatic baler for large amount of waste paper baling.

What is the difference between single-ram fully automatic baler and L-type two-ram automatic baler? Both machines are very efficient because they can achieve fully automatic feeding, compressing, strapping and bale ejecting. The big difference is the wire system. L-type two-ram automatic baler has both options for plastic strap and steel wire. It can release from threading and wire twisting. This is why it has much wider applications than traditional single-ram automatic baler. Almost all the municipal waste are available by using this L-type automatic baler to compress materials into dense bales.

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