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Baby Diapers Baler Machine

Each country generates large quantity of used baby diapers every day. A typical baby needs about 6000 pcs of disposable diapers from the date of being born to around 2.5 years old when normally they no long use diapers. Besides the used diapers, diaper production plants also generate large volume of new defective diapers in their diaper production lines. Putting these diapers into landfill or incineration cannot bring any benefit but will even take up much land and also cause pollution. Hence, proper recycling the baby diapers is something that recyclers are thinking about nowadays or already putting into practice. Baby diapers are fluffy products, so before recycling it is a must to use a baby diapers baler to compress and reduce the size. Otherwise the transportation cost will be huge. Baby diapers balers can reach more than 10:1 compression ratio, so can significantly save the recycling cost.

How to choose a baby diapers baler? 

Baby diapers are soft material and can be easily compressed. Even a small pressure force like 10T baby diapers baler can well handle it. We can say that almost all balers can handle baler diapers, including small units and heavy duty units, manual-tie units and auto-tie units, vertical units and horizontal units.

Which one to choose mainly depends on the baling scale and whether you want the bale wrapped by plastic bag or not. If the daily volume of waste diapers is large, it is better to go for a fully automatic horizontal baler. However if the daily volume of waste diapers is quite small, you can go for a mini vertical baby diapers baler. A lifting chamber type baby diapers baler can makes bales wrapped by plastic bag before being strapped, which normally is used for baling clean defective diapers so as to keep the material from getting stained or wet. 

The leading baler manufacturer in China named “SINOBALER” offers a wide selection of bay diapers balers. And they are well reputable with their machines’ durability, user friendliness as well as their reliability in after sales service.

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