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Bagger Baler Machine

Bagger baler machine is a combination of baling and bagging functions in one machine, so it is also popular as baling and bagging machine. This kind of machine is widely available in small and loose materials industries such as animal bedding industry. Of course, it is also popular in textile industry too.

Bagger baler machines in the market

Bagger baler machines can be either from manual to automatic type, or from vertical to horizontal type. The basic working principle is material loading, compressing, ejecting as well as sealing. The sealing function can be manual sealing, separate sealing machine, or even a complete sealing system in whole baling system. Below are some typical baling and bagging solutions in the market:

1. Vertical baling and bagging machine

This type of bagger baler features with small footprint and it is actually with a vertical pressing force to form the bale. So please check with the height of the installation place. For material feeding, you can also choose a conveyor belt for more efficient work. After bale ejection, you can simple choose manual sealing. Of course, you can also add a sealing machine at the bale exit.

2. Scale weighing horizontal baling and bagging machine

This type of bagger baler features with scale weighing function in order to ensure each bale has same weight. Normally it is a small bale for bale direct selling purpose.

3. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine

This type of bagger baler is more suitable for medium size baling and bagging requirement. For efficient material loading, a conveyor belt is a good solution for choice. Normally it can work with sealing machine in order to achieve better sealing result.

4. Fully automatic baling, bagging and sealing system

This type of baling and bagging system combines material loading, compressing, baling, ejecting and sealing in a fully automatic process. High bale compression ratios reduces package size and thus save much cost in transportation and storage.

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