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Bale Making Machine

What is bale making machine?

Bale making machine actually refers to a baler. It can be pneumatic type of hydraulic type. Pneumatic bale making machine needs an air compressor to drive, and pressure force that this type baler generates is quite small, normally below 3 tons. Hydraulic bale making machine uses hydraulic force that can generate much higher pressure force, up to hundreds or even thousands of tons. The purpose of using a bale making machine is to compress loose material into bales/blocks so as to optimize transportation loading and therefore save on transport cost. For hydraulic bale making machine, it has many different types, including automatic horizontal ones, semi-automatic horizontal ones, vertical ones, bagging ones, briquetting ones, etc. Different types differ in the structure, productivity, application, output bale condition, bundling material, etc.

Classifying from application, what types of bale making machine do we have?

Bale making machine can handle a variety of material, almost any compressible material. Classifying by baling material, we have below basic types of bale making machine:

Paper bale making machine: for handling various paper scrap including white paper, cardboard, kraft paper, newspaper, etc.

Plastic bale making machine: for handling various plastic scrap including PET bottles, HDPE containers, plastic film, etc.

Rubber bale making machine: for handling various rubber scrap mainly tires
Textile bale making machine: for handling various textile material including used clothes, cloth, cotton and wool fiber, shoes, etc.

Drum crusher: for crushing steel drums into steel disc

Biomass bale making machine: for handling various biomass material like rice husk, wood shavings, saw dust, cotton seeds, straw, hay, coffee husks, etc.

Where to buy a bale making machine from China?

Sinobaler is a very reputable brand for bale making machine in China. We have wide range of bale making machines covering almost all waste fields. Here is the website and you can contact us through there.


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