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Bale Press for Textiles

Bale press for textiles is normally popular as textile baler. People who are in the market for a textile bale press machine, always need it to compress used textile before shipping or just for internal waste management. These textile bale press machines also provide an option to pack textiles in either plastic, PP or PE bags to protect the textile from moisture and contamination during the transport or storage.

Bale press for textiles in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has three typical bale press machine for textile. Single lifting chamber baler, swivel twin lifting chamber baler and bagging balers are all available for baling and bagging textiles.

  1. Single lifting chamber baler

Our SVBT2 series balers that are specialized in baling textile materials such as used clothes, waste textile, etc.. With this machine, you can wrap the bale with plastic sheet or bag before strapping the bale.  For example, if you are looking to make bales of approximately 400kg and also need to be able to pack 6000-7000 kg per day, the model SVBT2-L1-1000 is exactly the solution for making 400kgs bales.

This series baler features with two baling chambers. So when one chamber is used for loading materials, the other chamber can be for pressing and strapping. This bi-task ability promotes work efficiency greatly.

  • Bagging balers

Bagging balers have different structure with above two lifting chamber balers. This kind of baler can compress and bag materials into a compact for m and bag the bales for easy handling and transportation. So wrapping is not available in these balers. But you can expect the same bale weight if you choose the scale weighing function baler. SINOBALER has three kind of bagging balers for option. Both vertical pressing and horizontal pressing are available for choices.

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