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Bale Pressing Machine

When you have large amount of materials, compressing them into a bale is a good solution to save your transportation and storage cost. So bale pressing machine is the right machine to do this job. Different material can have different bale pressing structure to better suits the nature of the material.

Bale pressing machine in the market

Bale pressing machine aims to make loose materials into dense bales which make transportation easy. Higher compressing force normally creates denser bales. Different materials require different strapping and wrapping solutions. So bale pressing machines can have many specific designs especially suitable for some material or industry. For example, used clothes baling normally requires lifting chamber because this kind of baler can achieve baling and wrapping at the same machine easily. For small and loose materials like wood shavings, baling and bagging machine is the ideal solution because you can put a plastic bag to the end of bale exit to bag the materials.

Both vertical press machine and horizontal press machine are available in the market. You can choose the right machine based on your own typing option, tie material, output rate kg/h, bale size and weight, and financial budget. Manual or automatic bale pressing machine may be all fine with your material. So your baling output requirement and financial budget may decide which machine to buy.

Bale pressing machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete range of durable and efficient bale pressing machine for different materials and different size of customers. Whatever textile balers, tire balers, plant and animal fiber balers, wood shavings balers, sawdust balers, cardboard and paper balers, drum crushers, plastic bottles balers, or plastic film balers you need, SINOBALER always has the choices. For same material like cardboard, we can have several kind of different sizes and structures cardboard balers for options. From mini cardboard baler to fully automatic cardboard baler, you can choose the right machine which is best suitable for your individual requirements. Or you can contact us and our professional team will recommend the most suitable baler machine for you.

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