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Baler Customs Declaration and Baler Customs Clearance

Baler Customs Declaration here only refers to China exporters export baler machines to all the over the world and they declare the goods baler to local Customs. And baler Customs Clearance refers to the destination port goods clearance when baler machines arrive in a LCL shipment or FCL shipment.


Baler Customs Declaration in China Port

Baler Customs declaration is a must procedure when you want to export your baler to the world. Commercial invoice, packing list, sales contract, Customs declaration sheet and elements for Customs declaration are necessary documents for baler Customs declaration.

The standard HS Code for baler machine is 8422400000. So you should clearly indicate the elements including goods name in Chinese, usage, brand, model, brand classification, and tax benefits if applicable. Commercial invoice shows customer information, transportation details, trade terms, and baler value as well as quantity. Packing list shows customer information, transportation details, baler package, baler quantity, and baler volume. Please take more care of the weight because VGM(Verified Gross Mass) is more and more popular. Sales contract contains all key information during this trade. Customs declaration sheet contains all declaration information including export port, export date, exporter, destination country and destination port, baler HS code and commercial elements, ocean or air freight, insurance, gross weight and net weight etc.


Baler Customs Clearance in Destination Port

Commercial invoice, packing list and bill of lading are the three most important and necessary documents for baler Customs clearance. Normally you cannot clear your goods without these three documents in the destination port. For some countries who have the special agreements with Chinese government, exporter can afford the China origin certificate to oversea importer for tax benefits. If the trade term is in CIF, exporter should afford the insurance paper together with other shipping documents to importer.

Of course, different countries has their own policy for shipping documents. Many countries request importer’s business license number or tax ID in the bill of lading. Some countries need more importer information. Take Nigeria for example, FORM M NO., BA NO. and tax ID are all requested. Some countries like Bangladesh have special requirements on goods description in bill of lading. Take baler for example, only lifting chamber baler is not enough. You should show brand new lifting chamber baler machine in the goods description. That means ‘brand new’ and ‘machine’ are necessary words for goods clearance.


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