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Baler Equipment

Baler equipment has a very wide range of applications. From farm machinery hay balers or straw balers to different materials waste balers in recycling centers, all of them have function to compact loose materials into dense bales. These bales are very easy to handle, transport and store. Different baler purchasers have different baling output and final bale dimension requirements.


Baler equipment in different industries

Different industries use different baler equipment for their own interest. Below are some typical baler equipments:

Hay baler or straw baler normally is a large baling machine which especially suitable for compressing hay, cotton, flax straw, salt marsh hay or silage into dense bales. Round bales are popular for dairy farmers who want to bale their own hay. Because round balers are significantly cheaper than square balers.

Cardboard baler or paper baler is the most popular in the waste materials’ baling market. Because cardboard or paper has good value for reuse as new material source. Scrap cardboard also have good economic value. So recyclers can benefit from scrap cardboard recycling. They use cardboard baler to save transportation cost to paper mills. Also cardboard bales can help them to reduce fire risks in warehouse.

Plastic baler is also very popular in waste recycling world. PET bottle baler is an important size reduction machine during scrap PET bottles storage and transportation.

Textile baler is normally for baling used clothes or rags in textile industry. Lifting chamber baler is ideal for this material because it is easy to achieve baling and bagging in same machine. Used clothes can keep clean which is very important for following selling.

Tire baler or type baler is especially designed for compressing high rebounding materials like waste tires. Many features are improving the efficiency of tire baling process. So this machine is a great help in saving space and transportation cost in waste tire recycling.


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