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Baler For Cardboard

We often received inquiries from potential customers. They request to suggest the most feasible bailing press for cardboard. Normally they will send us the bale size and baling output requirements. But how to choose the most suitable baler for cardboard? SINOBALER has some good tips for your easy reference:


  1. Original cardboard size

For example, the original cardboard size is too big like 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5m, you would have to make it smaller by folding it or cutting it to make sure of smoother feeding. This helps you to choose a more cost effective and efficient cardboard baler machine.


  1. Know your ideal bale size expected from baler for cardboard

Different customers also have their own ideal bale size for specific purpose. For example, customer may say perfectly bale size is 2ft * 2ft * 2ft. So the baler for cardboard should be able to make such size cardboard bales.


  1. Know your expected baling output

How much cardboard in weight needs to be compressed/baled per day based on 8 working hours? For example, customer may say minimum 12 tons per day.


  1. Know your financial budget

Baler for cardboard can be in different options. So you should choose a cost effective baler that suits your financial budget. For example, your budget is not too much, low cost economy cardboard baler is your ideal baling option.


  1. Other baling requirements

Some customers may have further baling requirements like ideal bale weight and preferred baler structure (vertical baler or horizontal baler, manual baler or automatic baler) . Baler for cardboard should be able to meet these baling requirements.


Typical baler for cardboard in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of balers for cardboard. Vertical mill size baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, semi-automatic horizontal baler and fully automatic horizontal baler are all suitable baling press machines. Just call us or send us email. SINOBALER team is always ready for good service.


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