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Baler For Recycling

China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection has banned imports of 24 types of solid waste materials. It includes soda bottles, mixed paper, recycled steel and newsprint. This makes the raw material shortage to the industries who need these waste for production. Of course, the great benefit is to enhance the domestic waste recycling. Take paper waste for example, domestic cardboard scrap price has increased so much and it seems keep increasing. Many people involved in cardboard recycling business due to the good profit. Baler for recycling also has a good sales in this case. Many baler manufacturers are very busy with domestic market.


The types of baler for recycling

Waste recycling can be in different materials. For example, cardboard recycling, PET bottle recycling, aluminum cans recycling, used clothes recycling, and tire recycling are all typical waste recycling. So balers for recycling can be cardboard baler, PET bottle baler, aluminum cans baler, used clothes baler, and tire baler etc.

Different type of balers for recycling are in different design to better suit the specific material’s baling purpose. For example, long stroke baler is especially suitable for hollow plastic containers like PET bottles. Lifting chamber baler is ideal for used clothes baling because it can bag the material. Heavy duty dual ram tire baler is designed for tire baling purpose. Of course, some balers have versatile baling functions. Manual-tie horizontal baler can bale cardboard and paper waste, PET bottles, fiber and other packing materials. Fully automatic horizontal baler can bale cardboard and paper waste, PET bottles, coconut fiber, plastic film, and unchopped straw or hay etc. Heavy duty baling and bagging machine can compress used clothes, wood shavings or chips, sawdust, rice husk, cotton seeds, peanut shells, cotton fiber and other similar loose materials.

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