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Baler For Sale in SINOBALER

Baler for sale in different baler manufacturers has different type of balers for your choice. They may have different designs in structure and different component brands. SINOBALER as a reputable baler manufacturer, offers a complete line of baling machines for sale.

Waste baler for sale in SINOBALER

Based on different waste baler for sale by application, we have many kind of different application balers. The wide application includes aluminum alloy frame, aluminum can, animal fiber, rabbit fur, wool, hair, car bumper, cardboard, OCC, carton, cellulose fiber, chopped straw or hay, coco peat, coffee husk, compost, cotton pulp, cotton seed, disposable tableware, drum or barrel, foam or sponge, hard plastic shell, hollow plastic like PET bottle, HDPE jar, PP container, hops, leaves, medical waste, mineral cotton fiber, kraft Paper, peanut shell, plant fiber like coconut fiber and palm fiber, polyurethane powder, rice husk or rice hull, sawdust , shredded paper, soft plastic like plastic film and plastic bag, synthetic fiber or polyester fiber, textile waste like rags, used clothes, carpet, quilt and pillow, tire or tyre, unchopped straw, urban waste, wood shaving or wood chip.

Based on different waste baler for sale by structure, we have single chamber lifting chamber baler, swivel twin lifting chamber baler, mill size baler, long stroke baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, drum crusher, mini baler or marine baler, high rebound material heavy duty baler, vertical bagging baler, scale weighing baling and bagging baler, heavy duty baling and bagging machine, fully automatic horizontal baler, L-type fully automatic horizontal baler, manual tie horizontal baler, and block making machine etc.

For waste recycling line for saleRDF line is very popular in nowadays.

For your easy baler selection, SINOBALER has a smart table. You can choose right baler model based on your waste materials and output. If you still have any questions about right baler selection, please free feel to contact us today.