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Baler Machine Classification

What is baler machine?

Baler machine is also popular as baling machine, baling press machine or even compactor. It aims to compact similar types of waste materials into dense bales. This machine makes transportation and storage more convenient and cost effective. Baler machines are normally made of steel and with hydraulic system to bale many kinds of materials in recycling center or plant.


How to classify baler machine?

According to the appearance, baler machines can be classified as horizontal baler machines and vertical baler machines. Vertical baler takes less space than the horizontal baler. So when you choose the baler, the vertical baler will be a perfect choice if your plant or factory does not have much room for the baler. Horizontal baler normally with high output, some even can reach 12-16 tons per hour for cardboard baling. It is very suitable for professional recycling plant which has hundreds tons waste materials to handle per day.

According to the hydraulic pressure, the baler machines can be classified as 10 tons, 20 tons, 50 tons, 100 tons, and 120 tons etc.. Generally speaking, the greater the pressure is, the heavier the bale will be. But it’s not absolutely. The density of the bale also affects by the volume of the bale, which means the size of the compressing chamber.

According to the application of the baler machine, it can be classified as cardboard baler, PET bottle baler, metal baler, biomass baler, textile baler, and tire baler etc. Some balers are multipurpose and have no problem to handle several kinds of material. Some balers are suitable as per the characteristic of some certain kind of material. So it will be named after the certain material they used to bale.


Baler machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a variety of the baler machines and customized baler machine also available. We have sold many kinds of baler machines in more than 100 countries all over the world. You can always find the most suitable baler machine with ideal model in SINOBALER for your project.


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