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Baler Operation

In order for you to operate the baler machine correctly and achieve the best possible baling results, it is better that you can study and understand the correct baler operation before operating the baler. In SINOBALER, we always send the user manual to our customer for each delivery. So customer can easily find machine information and other useful information from it.


Correct baler operation importance

Hydraulic baler machine is a heavy duty baling machine and failing to follow the correct baler operation may result in fatal personal injury or cause damages to your machine. Also it is very important to improve your baling result or size reduction result by operating a baler correctly. So both from safety and efficiency, correct baler operation is always essential.

How to operate a baler?

There are some typical instructions that you need to understand and follow. Here we take fully automatic horizontal baler machine for example.

  1. – Checking before operation

You need to check if all electrical wires and baling wires are well connected. Also you need to check if the voltage of electric power source. Please do not start the machine if any phase of supplied power is beyond +10% allowance of rated voltage. This is very important for motor protection. Of course, you also have to check the volume of hydraulic oil.

  1. – Safety instructions

Please read the general safety instructions in manual. Carelessness in operation and safety shortcuts can cause fatal injury or death. Always follow safety guidelines and be safety conscious. Please follow the warning labels and decals. You can use the safety checklist to check the items one by one.

  1. – Operating instructions

Fully automatic horizontal baler is an automatic baling machine which can achieve the baling in a very effective way and save you a lot in labor. So the operators need to be trained and know well about operation instructions. For example, learn the buttons on the control panel to test and operate machine in manual mode. Also it is important to learn the touch screen about main program, machine history, operation data, PLC input displayer, error codes and pre bale setting. Pressure adjustment is also necessary. Increasing or decreasing the pressure of individual values can directly affect the efficiency of the production as well as density of your bale. So please follow the steps to make the necessary adjustment. Remember to refer to the recommended safe working pressure to ensure you do not go above the limit.