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Baler Plastic Scrap

China Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) proposed to ban the import 24 types of plastic scrap into China. So PET, PE, PVC and PS are all among this range. What is the result? The plastic scrap sales to China will shrink definitely and world plastic scrap sellers need to seek new end users. For domestic market, China shows the growing the trend in plastic product. So it does not affect too much because we still have enough plastic waste for recovery. Plastic recovery management consists of a complete line of waste recycling machines including baler plastic and shredder plastic.


China plastic scrap status

China’s plastic product output is about 75,609 thousand tons in 2015 and 77,171 thousand tons in 2016. The imported plastic scrap is about 7,350 tons in both 2015 and 2016 which accounts for less than 10%. About 34.5% plastic scrap import is PE and PET. We produced about 30,000 thousand tons of plastic waste each year but only less than 10% is recycled. Most of the plastic scrap go to landfill and burning. So it is a huge resource waste and results in environment pollution. We still have a long way to go for plastic recycling.


The reasons for the lower level of plastic recycling and recovery in China

First, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, and Inspection and Quarantine jointly manage China’s waste plastic industry. It leads to the lack of industry guidance and technical specifications management. So plastic recycling system is not clear which creates more difficulties in recycling processes.

Second, China does not have a comprehensive plan for the development of plastic scrap recycling industry. We are still lack of specific policy support, plastic waste classification, the encouragement to the enterprises who purchase plastic scrap and recover the plastic in a safety and environmental way. So it leads to a low level of plastic recycling in China.

Third, physical regeneration is a common way in China’s plastic recycling, while international market has more methods like energy recovery, chemical reduction and solid fuels. The overall processing technology is fare from the world. Also the technical level and added value are lower.


Plastic baler machine or baler plastic in SINOBALER

Plastic balers are important size reduction machine in plastic recycling. It can help plastic scrap recyclers or material recovery facilities save much space in transportation and storage. SINOBALER has long stroke baler, manual tie horizontal baler and fully automatic horizontal baler for different kind of plastic scrap baling purpose. Just contact us today and find your most suitable baler plastic machine.