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Baler Price or Baler Cost

A baler machine compresses loose recyclable materials into dense and regular shaped bales. Baling brings multiple benefits to the recycling business. The neat and tidy bales not only reduce storage space, but also saves transportation cost because after baling more materials can be loaded into a container or truck, as compared to the loose ones. Baling machines are usually manufactured by specialty baler manufacturers. There are many specialized baler manufacturers worldwide, but most of them are located in China, Europe, North America and other countries in the world. Price is an important factor to consider when purchasing a suitable baler for your recycling needs, and it is important to understand what factors affect a baler price or baler cost, so that you can make a better choice fitting your specific need and budget.

What affects baler price or baler cost?

1. Steel Raw material
Baling machine is fabricated using steel which takes up almost 80% to 90% of a baler’s total weight. As a result, steel raw material’s price directly affects baler’s price. Due to the extensive natural resources in China, the raw material’s prices here are much better than European and American countries, which brings down manufacturing cost greatly.

2. Labor Cost
The production process of a baling machine involves much labor, from fabrication to assembly. Labor cost varies in different countries and regions. China is known as the world’s factory due to its low labor expenses in general. Besides raw material factor, labor cost is another major reason why products made in China are much more competitive than those made in European and North American countries.

3. Parts
There are many hydraulic and electric parts used on baler, such as sealing rings, hydraulic valves, motor, relays, sensors etc. Balers’ price can be greatly affected by these parts’ cost as well. You can ask for parts’ brand list from different manufacturers and compare which ones are better.

4. Standard or Customized
Almost each baler manufacturer has their standard models, usually it is cheaper to buy standard machines, because all the drawings and other related production procedures have been in place and standardized. For customized machines, greater effort and time need to be invested in production which results in higher manufacturing cost.

5. After sales service & technical support
Besides the above manufacturing cost, after sales service and technical support is also an important thing to consider. It wouldn’t be a wise choice to buy a baler at very cheap price but without any after sales service and technical support, as such machine only costs you more in long run considering the maintenance and repair cost.

Sinobaler is known as a specialized baler manufacturer based on in China, who supplies various types of balers with high quality/price ratio and it is also reputed with its superior aftersales service. If you have any baler price or baler cost questions, please conntact Sinobaler team at

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