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Baler Safety – How to Avoid Injuries When Using a Baler

Baler safety is always the first and most important thing to be considered when operating and maintaining a baler. How to prevent injuries or accident when you are using a baler?

Here are a few tips about baler safety that we would like to share:

1. Must keep all the machine safety guards in place when the baler is in operation or maintenance.

2. Never allow unauthorized people come close to the baler working area.

3. Never take off the safety interlock switches on the baler. For example, on all Sinobaler vertical balers, there is a safety interlock switch beside the feeding door. Only in the condition that the feeding door is closed, the ram can move down. If the feeding door is open, the ram cannot move down if you operate the control button. We once encountered a client who disassembled this safety interlock switch during operation and compress the material without closing the feeding door all the way. We also encountered some clients who directly removed the feeding door in operation. Although there is no injuries occurred, it is very dangerous and caused big risk to the workers.

4. Always disconnect all the power before carrying out any maintenance to your baler or attempting to clear the jam. For example, if there is any material jammed at the top of the feeding chute where conveyor is connected, do not try to climb up to manually remove the jammed material without turning off all electrical power.

5. Before using the machine, test the machine thoroughly and make sure all the safety functions are working effectively.

6. The workers should be well-trained before using the machine. They should know standard procedures for handling some typical trouble shooting.

7. All the safety decals must be in place.

In a word, workers as well as employers should always keep baler safety in mind. Read the User’s Manual from baler Manufacturer carefully and strictly follow the safety instructions addressed.

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