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Balers For Sale

There are so many different balers for sale in the market. How to choose a right baler for your own baling requirement? How to identify the baler quality? You should have an ideal about these questions well before purchase.


What are the popular balers for sale in the market?

Previously baler is popular as farm machinery to compress a cut and raked crop into compact bales for easily handling and transporting. Nowadays balers have more and more applications in many industries. Hay and straw balers, cardboard and paper balers, plastic container or bottle balers, used clothes or rags balers, all kinds of fiber balers, and wood shavings balers are all popular balers for sale in the market.

Some balers are available for many kinds of materials baling, but some are only suitable for particular material. For example, heavy duty tire baler is especially for car tires and truck tires baling purpose. The baling and bagging machine is especially for some loose and small materials compacting purpose. So wood shavings baler, rice husk baler, sawdust baler are all this kind of baling and bagging baler. Drum crusher is only for meal drums compacting purpose.


Popular balers for sale in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has many popular balers for sale in the product range. If you have unchopped hay and straw baling requirements, our fully automatic horizontal baler is a good choice. If you have cardboard or paper baling needs, vertical mill size baler, or fully automatic baler are all available. For PET bottles or aluminum cans baling requests, our long stroke baler, manual-tie baler or fully auto baler are all ideal. If you have used clothes or rags baling needs, lifting chamber baler, swivel twin lifting chamber baler or even two-ram automatic baler are all ideal options. We also have heavy duty two ram baler which is ideal for all kinds of fiber baling. Contact SINOBALER for your ideal balers. View more shredders and granulators here.