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Balers in Stock / Stock Baler

What is the stock baler?

With years of experience, most baler manufactures will consider to have some popular model balers in stock. In Sinobaler, we always try to have some hot baler models for stock baler. For example, we prefer to have some regular marine balers in stock. This can meet the very short delivery from shipping company’s urgent baler request. For textile baling or used clothes baling, we prefer to have some lifting chamber balers in stock. For cardboard baling or paper baling, we prefer to have vertical mill size balers or horizontal fully automatic balers in stock.

What is the benefit to purchase a stock baler?

– For potential baler customers, they can have much shorter delivery time especially for some urgent baler need. Sometimes they can also have a favorable price if the stock balers are manufactured based on batch production.
– For baler manufacturers, the short delivery time or favorable price will help them to develop more markets in the competition. Also stock balers can balance the production between slack season and peak season. Baler manufacturers can keep same labor to produce some stock balers and sell them in peak season. This can maximize their production capacity in whole financial year.

What is the guarantee about stock baler?

In Sinobaler, the stock balers have same guarantee policy with new balers. The standard warranty period is 13 months starting from the shipping date.

Stock baler example in Sinobaler:

Baler type: Fully automatic horizontal baler
Baler model: SHBA2-1000 Option B (see more details in our baler catalog)
Goods description: It is built with top configuration hydraulic system and wide feeding of 2000mm, which generates output of 8-12T/hr based on baling OCC (cardboard).
Production lead time: 45 days upon advance payment

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