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Baling Equipment

What is baling equipment?

Baling equipment is also popular as baler, baling press or baling machine. This machine can compress materials into dense bales for easy transportation or storage. It is a compressing machine that widely used in recycling business or factories which need a waste reduction. You can found it in aluminum profile factory, plastic factory, paper factory and steel factory, and large recycling facilities etc. Hydraulic baling equipment is made up of main metal frame, hydraulic system and other electrical components. It has various press forces from small to large. You can choose it from 5 tons to 120 tons or more. It also has very wide applications which almost covers all the waste.


What are the features of baling equipment?

– Most baling equipment are hydraulic driving. Some type of the baling equipment machine can use diesel engine, in case of the absence of electric power.

– The baling equipment can be electric control or PLC control.

– This machine can be customized case by case. Baling equipment manufacturers can tailor the machine based on customer’s specific demand.

– This kind of machine is with easy operation and long service time.


What are the advantages of baling equipment?

First, it improves the working efficiency and saves labor cost.

If we do not have the baling equipment, we need to handle the waste material manually. We have to press it manually and tie the bale manually. For a simple waste bale, we may need several persons to work together to complete the process. The bale compressed manually does have very high density. For some specific materials like truck tires or steel wires, manual work does not help. But with the baling equipment, one person can make good bales. Under fully automatic baler machine, the operator only need to feed materials into the hopper and press the start button. Then the compressed and tied bale will be ready later. It greatly improves working efficiency and saves a lot in labor cost.

Second, it saves transportation cost and storage cost.

Normally the waste material like cardboard, plastic films, papers, PET bottles and tires are all in loose status. The large amount of these materials occupy so much space if they are not compressed. The transportation cost or storage cost will be very high. The baling machine can effectively reduce the volume of the waste material. After baling, the waste material in loose condition will become high density bales. We can load much more materials to the truck for shipment. Without baling press machine, the waste recycling cost will be much more. For some specific materials, it will be very difficult to start recycling as cost is too high.


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