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Baling Machine For Sale

Baling machine is one of the important size reduction machines in waste recycling world. It has different driving forces but hydraulic driven force is the most popular one. The working principle of baling machine is to compress waste materials into dense bales for easy transportation, storage as well as handling. Baling machine for sale in the market are versatile, so it can be used in many industries.

The wide applications of baling machine for sale

Now baling machine for sale has very wide range of applications. It covers but not limited to paper, cardboard, old clothes, rags, wool, cotton, PET bottles, plastic films, foam, coconut fiber, tires, wood shavings, sawdust, rice husk, urban waste, leaves, medical waste, aluminum cans and frames, and steels etc. Almost all the waste materials can find a suitable baler for baling.

The categories of baling machine for sale

The categories of baling machines are also versatile. For example, different application can have different balers such as cardboard baler, textile baler, tire baler, wood shavings baler, paper baler, PET bottles baler, plastic film baler and coconut fiber baler etc.

From compressing direction point of view, it can have vertical baler and horizontal baler. For different shape of bales, you can have round baler and square baler. For different operation modes, there is manual baler, semi-automatic baler and fully automatic baler. According to the type of materials, it can have ferrous baler and non-ferrous baler. From engine drive point of view, it can classify into hydraulic baler and diesel baler. For the number of cylinders, you can have single ram baler, two ram baler and etc. Also you can find there are some balers which names are from its particular feature designs. For example, lifting chamber baler is featured with its lifting chamber for easy wrapping. Long stroke baler is because of its long stroke design for complete compressing the hollow products.

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