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Baling Machine For Used Clothing

Secondhand clothing still has many solutions for better use or recycling. The baling machine for used clothing is a great help in whole used clothing recycling or just transportation. It can compress used clothing into dense bales. Also it can be packed with a plastic bag or plastic sheet for keeping clean.


Why people use baling machine for used clothing?

Secondhand clothing trading is quite common and popular in the worldwide. Many companies produce high quality grades of secondhand clothing that are sold all over the world. If it is used clothes for reselling, normally it will be packed in different size of bales. The bale weight can be from 45kg to 82kg even large to 450kg. If it is 45kg bales, 40′ HC container can load about 540 bales and 20′ container can load about 250 bales. You can easily to find different recycled rags bales in selling. For example, colored recycled sweatshirt rags 1000lbs can sell in USD1000 and colored recycled T-shirt rags 1000lbs can sell USD1100.


Baling machine for used clothing in SINOBALER

SINOBALER as a professional baler manufacturer, we have several type of baling machines especially for used clothing. Below are some of them  for your easy reference:

Single box lifting chamber baler is the most popular one in small amount of baling requirements. We have 5 standard models for regular baling needs from 40kg bales to 500kg bales. The number of tying can be customized. You can choose 4*2, 5*3, 6*3 or 7*3. It is also available for cross strapping and bale wrapping.

Swivel twin lifting chamber baler is more efficient and cost saving compared to single box lifting chamber baler. Attributed to twin chamber structure, you can achieve material loading and baling at the same time. This bi-task ability greatly improves work efficiency. Because when one chamber is pressing, the other chamber can feed materials synchronously. So worker does not need to wait for pressing without any work.

L-type twin ram fully automatic baler is the most versatile baler machine. It suits for large amount of secondhand clothes baling purpose.


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