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Baler Price / Baling Machine Price

Hydraulic baler machines are very popular in recycling world nowadays. They can compress various materials into dense bales for easy transportation and storage. So they can save a lot in transportation and storage cost. Different materials may need a different baler machine. Also different baling output requirements should match a different baler machine. All the baler manufacturers have their own baler pricelist. How to choose a right baler machine with minimum baler price? This is a question you should answer before any baler purchase.


How to choose a right baler machine with minimum baler price?

Different baler manufacturers has different baler pricing policy for their own hydraulic baler machines. But you can take below tips for consideration during the baler purchase:

  1. – Define your baling materials as much as detail. In many cases, different materials require some specific baler machines or at least have some special modifications for better baling purpose. For example, textile baler and tire baler are totally different in structure. Also plastic bottle baler is a bit different from cardboard baler since plastic bottle baler is in long stroke. So it is important to inform baler manufacturer about your exact baling materials during the inquiry. This is good to your cost saving and efficient baling.
  2. – Estimate your baling output correctly. Take cardboard baler for example, vertical mini cardboard baler and fully automatic horizontal cardboard baler are both available for cardboard baling. But the price is huge in difference. So it is quite important to inform baler manufacturer your exact baling output so that they can recommend the most suitable baler to you.
  3. – Find a right baler manufacturer for your specific material baling. For some specific baling material like waste car tires or even truck tires, not all the baler manufacturers can produce good tire baler. There are many specific modifications which is especially designed for tire baling purpose. So it is very important to find an experienced tire baler manufacturer instead of common baler manufacturer. This can save you a lot in following maintenance cost.


Other items related to baler price

Normally we will compare same specifications with several offers and find the most price favorable baler. But you should confirm these baler manufacturers can provide same after sales service first. In addition, you should also ask a quote for related baler accessories. Because some baler manufacturer quote low price first to get the order and then quote much higher price in after sales accessories and service. So choosing a good baler manufacturer with satisfied feedbacks from his customers is also important. SINOBAELR has sold our balers to more than 100 countries and gain good feedbacks from our customers. Get a baler inquiry from us now! Get a shredder inquiry from here.