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Baling Machine Video Library

Various videos are available in this baling machine video library for you to witness the performance of Sinobaler baling press machines. Almost every Sinobaler baler can process quite a few types or even a variety of materials, while the demo videos hereby presented are just processing some typical materials. However, our team always keep on updating our video library with more and fresher videos to give our customers more diversified visual experience of our machines’ operation. Any question that you might come up after viewing the operation videos, just feel free to contact our team for clarification at

Publish: 27/09/2023

Efficient waste management is a critical concern for large warehouses and industrial facilities, particularly when it comes to handling cardboard waste, which is a significant component of their overall waste stream. Implementing an automated cardboard baler is a smart solution[..]

Publish: 18/08/2023

Welcome to a comprehensive walkthrough of the operation process of our cutting-edge heavy-duty vertical baler. This innovative waste management solution is designed to efficiently compact and bale a wide range of materials, revolutionizing the way businesses handle and recycle[..]

Publish: 18/08/2023

The operation process of the stainless steel waste compactor: Bag Placement: The video begins with the first step of the operation process – placing a sturdy, specially designed bag into the compactor's bin. The bag is strategically positioned to ensure optimal compression[..]

Publish: 17/08/2023

The video showcases an impressive and efficient automatic drum crushing system designed for metal drums. The system operates seamlessly, requiring minimal human intervention. In this captivating demonstration, the process unfolds as follows: Initial Setup: The video begins by[..]

Publish: 21/04/2023

The featured video showcases an advanced automatic biomass horizontal baler, meticulously engineered to effectively process an extensive array of materials. This innovative machinery is adept at handling diverse substances such as hay, natural fibers, wood shavings, sawdust,[..]

Publish: 21/11/2022

SINOBALER manual-tie horizontal baler is ideal to compress various hollow plastic products such as PET bottles and HDPE containers into tight bales for easy transportation and handling. This innovative machine specializes in compacting plastic bottles with precision, offering a[..]

Publish: 02/09/2022

SINOBALER provides different material feeding solutions for loading materials to fit customer's different situtations. Conveyor feeding, cyclone and Forklift are more popular for the material feeding of fully automatic balers. Contact SINOBAELR to tailor your own case today![..]

Publish: 31/08/2022

SINOBALER fully automatic balers range from 20 tons to 120 tons pressure force. It has wide applications in many kind of materials such as cardboard, paper, plant fiber, and grass etc. Contact SINOBALER to tailor your best suitable automatic baler now.[..]

Publish: 30/08/2022

This machine is ideal for making blocks of aluminum cans, oil filters and small meal containers etc. Contact SINOBALER today if you have any metal briquetting requirements![..]

Publish: 26/08/2022

This steel belt conveyor is one of the most versatile of conveyors. You can use it to transport almost all types of scrap materials. It works quite well with our horizontal balers such manual-tie horizontal baler, single-ram fully automatic baler and L-type two ram automatic[..]

Publish: 26/08/2022

This fully automatic baler is for facilities who want efficient and automatic baling of waste materials such cardboard, paper, plant fiber, packing materials and grass etc. You can expect fully automatic material feeding, compressing, wire threading, wire twisting, tying, wire[..]

Publish: 27/09/2021

This metal can briquetting machine is specialized in compacting metal scraps (e.g. oil filters, steel cans, aluminum cans, metal chips, small metal containers, etc.) into dense blocks. Size of the block is W300 x H300 x L variable by the volume of material loaded. We can also[..]

Publish: 13/10/2020

This video demonstrates the real alfalfa baling performance of SINOBALER fully automatic baler in customer's site. Alfalfa baler machine is a good help in alfalfa collection and recycling. SINOBALER fully automatic horizontal baling machine is an ideal option for your alfalfa[..]

Publish: 28/09/2020

This video demonstrates the actual performance of SINOBALER swivel twin lifting chamber baler in customer's site. You can see it can achieve baling and material feeding at the same time. So it greatly save time to wait compressing time or material feeding time. You can benefit[..]

Publish: 28/09/2020

SINOBALER Swivel twin lifting chamber baler is very efficient to compress textiles, used clothes, rags into tight bale. It is a baler that baling and feeding material can work at the same time. Compared to traditional lifting chamber textile baler, it saves labor cost a lot and[..]

Publish: 27/09/2020

SINOBALER fully automatic baler is for facilities who want efficient, automatic baling of a variety of materials like cardboard, plastic bottles, paper, fibers, unchopped hay and straw, and alfalfa etc. The key features are fully automatic feeding, compressing, wire threading,[..]

Publish: 10/08/2020

This foam baler or foam compactor is efficient to compact all kinds of foam scrap into high density briquettes. The compressing ration can be up to 40:1 or even higher. So it helps to greatly reduce foam volume and save much transportation cost. View more details at[..]

Publish: 06/01/2020

This scale weighing baling and bagging machine is ideal for producing bagged bales for various materials such as used clothes, rags, mineral cotton fibers, wood shavings and other similar loose materials. This video visually shows the operation step by step how rags are baled[..]

Publish: 06/01/2020

This heavy duty dual ram baler is built with high pressure in a vertical force. It is perfect to compress wide range of materials into very dense bales. This video demonstrates how it produces a high dense wool fiber bale. View more about this wool fiber vertical baler details[..]

Publish: 04/01/2020

This L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler has huge feed opening size for large amount of materials input. Its automated monitor interface helps view machine running status easily. The laser position sensors is for precise detection of ram running. The maximum hydraulic[..]

Publish: 31/12/2019

SINOBALER bagging baler is ideally suited to compact loose and small articles such as wood shavings, sawdust and rice husk into bagged bales. This video shows how our horizontal baling and bagging machine produces the tight wood shavings bales one by one. This series heavy duty[..]

Publish: 31/12/2019

SINOBALER mill size baler is also popular as vertical cardboard baler. Of course, it is also quite suitable for baling many other waste materials. This video demonstrates how to produce a cardboard bale from the beginning to the end. You will see the typical vertical baler[..]

Publish: 30/12/2019

There are several type of alfalfa baling or compacting machines in the market. For example, alfalfa round baler, alfalfa automatic horizontal baler and alfalfa baling and bagging machine. In this video, we introduce how our heavy duty baling and bagging machine produce an[..]