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Baling Presses

Baling presses machines are the important size reduction machinery for whole waste handling systems. Or they are the necessary cost saving during the waste delivery and storage. In a word, what do baling presses do? Baling presses help to produce high density well shaped bales for different materials. They are environmentally sustainable and also can bring potential revenue to the business.


When and where you need baling presses?

Recycling centers and internal waste management facilities managers can easily tell you when it is time for baling presses purchase. Baling press machine has very wide applications. So waste materials like cardboard and paper, aluminum, textiles, plastic bottles or plastic films, tires, animal fibers and plant fibers, wood shavings, and even non-ferrous metals can be available for baling. When you need to transport waste materials or want to store them in a warehouse, it is very necessary to reduce the materials size first. Hence here baling press machine works.

When you need to compress loose but small articles like wood shavings into a bag, a baling and bagging baler can also help. Many baling press machines can bale versatile materials. For example, SINOBALER fully automatic horizontal baler is the typical versatile baler machine. But for some specific material like waste tires which is with high rebounding nature, tire baler should be designed with some special features to suit tire baling. For some large articles, it is better to shred them into smaller pieces by a shredder and then use baler to compress them into a dense bale.

Before you decide to purchase a baler, please identify your baling needs details first and choose the best suitable baler. For example, you should know well about your baling material, baling output requirement, ideal bale size and bale weight, the ceiling height and operational footprint available in your work area, voltage at baler location, when you need this baler, and after sales service requirement etc.


Choose a right baling presses manufacturer for your business

Purchasing baling presses is not only a purchase but also an investment. So it is quite important that you choose a baler manufacturer with a history of satisfied customers, quality products and reliable service. For more information, please contact SINOBALER through or call +86 574 87305555.