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Baling Straw

Circular economy, environmental protection as well as the construction of ecological protection system are all the trend of future development. It is estimated that about 9.52 billion tons of straw are produced in China’s agricultural production every year. Because renewable energy is the important energy for China to achieve sustainable development. Straw biomass power generation is one of the main ways of renewable energy utilization. How to handle large amount of straw? So baling straw is the cost effective and efficient way for the straw transportation.


What can straw do?

China has so much rich straw resource. What are the straw applications? Most people will say fertilizer or animal bedding materials. In Yuen Foong Yu Paper (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd., there is a bio environmental protection packaging material production line which is using straw as raw material. The annual output can achieve to 66 thousand tons of straw consumption. This production line introduced the advanced technology and biological treatment process developed by the Yuen Foong Yu Group. So straw can be the raw material for the production of high quality paper plastic, corrugated paper and box cardboard.

Rice straw, wheat straw, maize straw, paddy straw, corn straw, and sugar straw are all good resources to produce paper pulp.


Baling straw

Straw collection and transportation is the big cost factor. Because straw producing area is far from the high demand area. Baling straw seems the best solution to solve the transportation and storage problem. Both square straw bales and round straw bales are popular in different needs. Of course, both small and large straw bales are also available. Finding a suitable straw baler machine is an ideal solution to get an ideal bales with required size and weight. Baling straw can also help to keep the value of nutrients. Some straw bales can be direct for sale in the market.


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