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Baling Wire Baler Machine

What is baling wire baler?
Scrap baling wire baler is a machine for compressing and bale scrap wire. Beacuse scrap baling wire is very bulky and alway bridging with each other, it is very necessary to reduce the volume. With the help of a baling machine, the volume of scrap baling wire can reduce by more than 10 times. The comprssed blocks or bales of wire is very conveninet for storage and transportation. It also greatly helps in saving on transport cost.

What types of balers can we use for handling baling wire?
We can use a general vertical baler to bale scrap wire. The pressure force of the machine needs to be more than 50T. In addtion, the chambe size is better in small size like no more than width 1100 x depth 700mm. Bales made by this type of baler need tying, otherwise the bale will become loose again.
We can also use a metal baler to bale scrap baling wire. This type of baler normally is very heavy duty with pressure force more than 120tons. The machine makes dense blocks that do not need tying. Metal baler normally is more costly than a normal vertical baler.

Why we need to bale baling wire?
Raw material of baling wires is steel, which is one of the non-renewable resources. Reycling scrap baling wire not only saves resources but also can turn to good profit. If not disposing scrap baling wire properly, it may goes deep into ouir farmland and destroy soil quality. It can also hurt animals.

Can Sinobaler supply baling wire baler?
Yes, Sinobaler have many models of balers suitable for handling baling wire. Most vertical balers more than 50T pressure force are suitable for this application. For those scrap wires that are soft, it is easier to compress than those hard steel wires. If you are looking for a baling wire baler and would like to find th most cost-effective model in SINOBALER, please advise your expectatin on output, bale size and bale weight. Then we can make some recommendation accordingly.

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