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Bamboo Fiber Baler Machine

The introduction of bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber is also known as bamboo rayon, bamboo yarn, retting, bamboo linen etc.. The composition of bamboo fiber is semi-synthetic viscose cellulose extracted from bamboo or yarn made from bamboo fibers. It is a very breathable textile. Also it has high moisture-wicking abilities, stretchability and prone to pilling/bubbling. Countries in East Asia is the origin of this fabric and China is the biggest producing and exporting country now. Bamboo fabric is widely used in household textiles, garments and intimate garments. For example, blankets, towels, hand towels, underwear, socks and T-shirts. When large amount of bamboo fiber is collected, it is important to reduce their size for transportation cost saving and storage space saving. So a bamboo fiber baler is the ideal solution in this case.

Bamboo fiber baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has many balers for baling bamboo fiber. You can choose both vertical and horizontal baler for different capacity requirements. Normally our other customer require 300-400kgs/m3 bale density for handling natural fiber so as to load more material in lorry or containers to save freight. Below are some typical bamboo fiber balers for options:

1. Single-ram fully automatic horizontal baler

Most of our customers prefer this automatic operation baler if the baling capacity is beyond 2 tons/hr. You can equip a feeding conveyor to feed the bamboo fiber into the baler. Once the bale is completed, you can stack with forklift to remove the bales.

2. Mill size vertical baler

This is basic level for baling bamboo fiber. If you only have 250kgs/hr baling requirement, this is the best option. The minimum pressure force for this baler is only 30 tons. So it is quite cost effective for low capacity requirement.

3. Heavy duty dual ram vertical baler

If you want to maximize bale density so as to load the max. amount of fiber in lorry or container, you need to go with this heavy duty dual ram baler. The hourly output rate can even be 1.5tons.

So contact SINOBALER today to find your best suitable bamboo fiber baler.

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