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Barley Straw Baler Machine

What is barley straw baler?
Barley straw refers to barley plants removing barley particles. It generally includes leaves, stems, nodes, roots, etc. Barley straw baler is the machine for baling these straws and making them into bales. As agricultural waste, we normally treat the barley straws by returning them to the fields directly. However, barley straws actually also have many other uses. For example, we can use barley straws to make plates and papers, to produce fertilizer, etc. We can also use them as biofuelt to reduce the need for oil exploration and protect natural resources. That’s why we need a barely straw baler. It helps us to turn the waste straws into something of value.

Barley straw baler in SINOBALER
Although most balers can bale barely straws, choosing a proper one suiting your need is important. Barely straw baler normally is big sized machine. During harvest season, farms normally generate hundreds of tons of the straw per day. Therefore, farms normally require a big capacity baler that can handle several tons per hour.

What types of barley straw baler does SINOBALER have?
In SINOBALER machine series, automatic horizontal balers are the very typical barely straw balers. Three are single ram autoamtic balers and also two ram automatic balers. The main difference between them is that two ram baler allows us to use PP straps for tying the bales, while the single ram baler allows to tie with steel wire only. Two ram automatic horizontal baler has seprate tying system. We have options of steel wire tying system and plastic strap tying system. The tying system for the single ram barley straw baler includes threading and cutting system.

The auto tying system of the single ram automatic baler uses the principle of twisting the two ends of steel wires together. That’s why this machine can only use steel wire to tire. The cost of a two automatic baler is much higher. If you are OK with teel wire tying, the single ram baler is the most cost-effective choice.

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