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Barrel Press Machine

Barrels are quite familiar to all of us. Barrel can be steel barrels, fiber or paperboard barrels, or durable plastic barrels. These barrels are commonly used for transporting oils, fuels, chemicals or some dry goods. How to deal with these barrel scraps? So barrel press machine can help. It is especially ideal for the size reduction of steel barrels in waste barrel recycling.


What is a barrel press machine?

Barrel press machine is especially for the compaction of light metal and drum containers. It can greatly reduce the volume of barrels, cans, drums and containers. So it is popular as drum presses, barrel flatteners, drum crusher, and drum crushing balers etc. This machine uses hydraulic pressure to flatten metal barrels. The size reduction can be up to 10% of the original volume. Since the waste barrels take up a lot of space and are not easy for transportation, the barrels after compressing are much easier for movement and can save a lot in transportation cost.


Barrel press machine features

  1. – Barrel press has short pressing cycle. So it is efficient to compress a barrel into a flattened level. You can expect about 70 pieces or more compacted barrels per hour.
  2. – Liquid drainage channel design can efficiently drain residual liquid in the barrels out of the machine. So this can keep your recycling area neater and safer.
  3. – Press plate with spikes can release the air pressure during the compression.
  4. – Easy and quick operation. Only one person is enough to start hydraulic system to press the barrel. After pressing, the plate will be automatically returned stroke of the cylinder.
  5. – It is very safe to operate because pressing is in closed construction.


Barrel press machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has the high durable and reliable barrel presses in our product range. Both manual type and automatic type of barrel presses are available. For manual barrel press machine, we have SVB2-MD-300 and SVB2-MD-400 two models for your options. For automatic barrel presses, you can achieve efficient barrel feeding and flattened barrels will be ejected automatically. Contact SINOBALER now and our professional sales and engineering team will figure out the solution for you within one working day.


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