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Beverage Can Press Machine

<h1>What is beverage can press?</h1>
Beverage can press is a kind of baler machine which has the function of pressing beverage cans. What are beverage cans? Beverage cans are metal beverage containers. Most of them are made of aluminum or tin-plated steel. In our daily life, we normally use them for holding liquid like soft drinks, alcohols,fruit juices, etc.

<h2>Why we need to recycle beverage can?</h2>
According to the latest statistics, the quantity of beverage cans we produce per year is about 370 billions worldwide. As we know, beverage cans are disposable goods. When we drink out our drinks, the cans will become useless and we usually throw them away. Hence, the heavy use cause the production of large quantity of waste beverage cans. That is, recycling these waste cans can help us with protecting our environment. Some people believe that beverage cans are more environment friendly than other packaging containers. Take PET material for example, they are a product from oil. And the continuous extraction of oil will cause the depletion of resources. To recycle and use the beverage cans repeatedly can save resources as well as maintain the environment of the earth.

Beverage can press by SINOBALER
Most of the balers in SINOBALER have no problem baling beverage cans. The most popular beverage can presses are Long stroke balers and manual-tie horizontal baler. Long stroke baler is the vertical type of baler. It is very suitable for internal waste disposal. Moreover, it does not take much space and the opreation is very easy. Basically, you just need to load all the cans into the machine manually and press the buttons to operate. The output of the manual-tie horizontal baler can reach tons per hour. Hence, the professional recycling institutions normally choose this type of baler to reduce the waste volume. As for a recycle center, it might have more than 10 tons of beverage cans to handle per day.

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