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Big Bale Baler For Sale

Big bales normally are popular in farm and some large recycling centers. And big bale baler for sale is the right baling press machine to produce these big and high density bales. Big bales are more efficient and cost effective during gathering, handling, transporting and storing. When you have large amount of materials for collecting and compressing, big bale is always the preferable choice. In this way, the reduced number of bales can reduce the total downstream costs in whole process.

Big bale baler for sale in the market

1. Hay and forage large square balers or round balers in the farm

Both large square bales and round bales are popular in the farm. But large square bales become more and more popular due to its easy handling, transporting and storing. But both large square balers and round balers can produce big bales which collect large amount of hay and forage in the farm.

2. Hydraulic waste recycling balers in the recycling centers or big manufacturing facilities

For example, recycling center has large amount of cardboard and paper waste for collection and handling. Generally speaking, they will choose fully automatic baler to produce big bales for easy handling and cost saving. The compressed cardboard or paper bales will be sent to paper mills for further new paper production.

3. Ferrous balers

Ferrous balers are also popular as metal balers. Generally speaking, meal balers are heavy duty in structure and have high production rate. They always produce big and heavy bales.

Big bale baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several large balers for producing big bales. You can choose it from tire balers, manual-tie horizontal balers, single-ram fully automatic balers and two-ram fully automatic balers. Different material has their own big bale balers for large amount of material handling. Contact SINOBALER today to tailor your own big bale baling machine.

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