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Big Bale Press Machine

Waste recycling becomes a world topic. Almost all the countries have some encouragement policy and measures to encourage any possible waste recycling actions. The scale of the waste recycling also becomes bigger and bigger. As such, big bale press machine as an important size reduction machine is more and more popular in the baler market.


Big bale press machine

Big bale press machine is popular as big cardboard bale press machine, big straw or hay bale press machine or big metal bale press machine. And big bale press also means high density and high output. This kind of large baler machine can greatly save the transportation cost. So large scale recycling facilities prefer to install big bale press machine for their waste recycling or internal recycling purpose. Below are some typical big bale press machines from SINOBALER:

SINOBALER tyre baler is a baling machine especially designed for all kinds of tyre baling purpose. SVB2-TB-1500 is the model ideal for baling truck tires. The bale size can be 1800mm * 1100mm * (700~1400)mm. You can expect a bale weight at 1200~1700kg.

SINOBALER heavy duty dual ram baler is a two ram vertical baler which is very suitable for high compaction purpose. If you have loose fiber or light metal, this is the right vertical baler if you do not have good financial budget for horizontal type baler.

SINOBALER fully automatic horizontal baler is an efficient automatic baling machine for baling variety of waste materials. The most popular application is cardboard, paper, PET bottle, plant fiber and straw & hay. The SHBA2-1200 model can achieve bale size to L adjustable * 1100mm * 1100mm. The OCC bale weight can be 600~1200kg.

SINOBALER manual tie horizontal baler is a semi-automatic baler. It is popular as closed end baler and can make very high density bales. Model SHB1-1200 can make 1350mm * 1100mm * 1100mm bale with OCC weight of 700~900kg.


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