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Big Balers For Sale

Big balers for sale normally refers to large fully automatic balers or other structure high output balers. There are different kind of materials big balers in the market. Big cardboard baler, big vertical tire baler, big hay baler or straw baler, big plastic bottle baler are in hot sale. Why big balers are more and more popular in the market? Below are some answers:


Why big balers for sale are more and more popular


First, waste recycling demand is increasing and need high output baler. Also the big baler can work with other recycling machine to achieve a more efficient recycling line. For example, big hay or straw baler can achieve picking, crushing, baling and storing in a system. Such kind of system is suitable for a wide range of applications such as wheat, corn, soybean, cotton, sorghum, reed and alfalfa. RDF line can achieve selecting, materials feeding, shredding, granulating and baling in one recycling line. In China, large E-commerce activities create huge demand of carton packaging and plastic packaging waste. This also stimulates the demand of big balers to speed up recycling and reduce landfill size.


Second, governments enhance environmental protection policy. In order to reduce landfill size and protect the environment, many countries enhance the policy on environment protection and also encourage the waste recycling by subsidies. Many large recycling facility or center can receive a good amount of subsidies by their recycling activities.


Third, big balers are more efficient and labor cost effective. Also it is high density baler which is more cost effective in transportation cost or storage cost. Many customers say manpower is rare and expensive. So they need automatic or more efficient baler machine to save labor cost as well as improving output.


As a professional baler manufacturer, SINOBALER offers several type of big balers for sale for your different baling requirements. Contact us today and our professional sales and engineering team will figure out your own baling needs and suggest the ideal baler machine for you within 24 working hours.