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BOPP Plastic Film Baler Machine

What is BOPP plastic film baler?

To figure out what the BOPP plastic film baler is, let us get more information about what is BOPP plastic film first. BOPP, as we all know that, it is the abbreviation of biaxially oriented polypropylene. BOPP plastic film is one of the most popular and most widely-used plastic film today. The main features of BOPP plastic film is high tensile strength, strength and elongation lightweight, non-toxic, tasteless and environmental protection. The main application of BOPP plastic film are as follows: normal bidirectional tensile polypropylene film, heat-sealed bidirectional tensile polypropylene film, cigarette packaging film, bidirectional tensile polypropylene pearlescent film, bidirectional tensile polypropylene metallization film, matting film, duplicating film, laser molding film as well as anti-counterfeiting film.

BOPP plastic film baling press machine is the press machine which available to compress waste BOPP plastic film. Also we can learn from above that, BOPP plastic film is the kind of material wide-rang in application.A lot of use leads to a lot of waste. But how to deal with the large amount of BOPP plastic film waste? That’s when we need the BOPP plastic film baler.

How to use the BOPP plastic film baler?

BOPP plastic film baler can be divided into many types and the operation of each type is very different. We can learn from the basic two types of BOPP plastic film baler , manual type and automatic type.

Manual type of BOPP plastic film baler normally is vertical. It has a electric control cabinet with buttons on one side. You can sue the buttons on the BOPP plastic film baler to control the machine. The buttons normally with the function of “press”, “stop”,”back”,”start”,”mode switch”, etc. For example, when you want to start the machine, please press the button “start”. When you want the press plate to go up after pressing, please press the button “back”.

Automatic type of BOPP plastic film baler normally is horizontal. It has PLC control system and you can set the programme on the PLC screen. For example, if the bale length you expect is 1.5 meters, you can set the bale length to 1500mm on the PLC screen. Then you can start the machine, the machine will work automatically and the final bale length will be 1500mm as you expect.

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