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Bottle Press Machine

Bottle press can be in different way. Here we focus on hydraulic compressing bottle press machine. This kind of machine is mainly for pressing plastic bottles like PET bottles and aluminum cans. It can achieve a significant reduction in the volume of plastic bottles.


Bottle press machines in the market

Bottle press machines can be either vertical press or horizontal press. It is an important equipment for any plastic or can recycling operation. Since hollow plastic bottles or containers occupy too much space, bottle press machine can compress them into tight and compact bales for easy handling, storage and transportation. This can reduce the volume in a good size reduction ratio.


Bottle press machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several type of baling machines especially suitable for baling bottles or containers.

For vertical bottle press machines, if it is for small baling requirement from retail stores, hotels, hospitals or even vessel, our vertical mini baler is a good solution for bottle press. It has small footprint and low height to meet the space and height limitation facility. Vertical long stroke baler is a popular vertical bottle press machine. Because the long stroke design is especially for such hollow product to achieve the best press result. Also it combines baling and draining in one step which saves time. Full compaction may reach size reduction ratio to 25:1. You can have 4 standard models for different options. Bale height can also be adjustable.

For horizontal bottle press machines, manual-tie horizontal baler is also ideal for pressing such hollow plastic bottles. It features with closed end and you can have very dense bales from this machine. Of course, if you have very large size of baling requirements, our fully automatic horizontal baler is the best solution for you in our product range. You can have either single ram fully automatic horizontal baler or L type two-ram horizontal baler for choice. For L type two ram automatic baler, you can even have choice for strapping materials from wire tying and plastic strapping.

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