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Box Plant Baler Machine

Box plant is to produce corrugated board and make it to different sizes of boxes. The generation of corrugated scrap really takes up too much space and also has high risk of fire. How to deal with these scrap in a cost effective and efficient way? This is why so many box plants need a box plant baler machine for help.


Box plant baler machines in the market

There are huge amount of box plants in the worldwide. They produce a large variety of corrugated board products every day. As such, you can imagine how many corrugated scrap will be created. In order to save space and deliver these corrugated paper scrap to paper mills for new product, a box plant baler is ideal solution in this case. Both vertical baler and horizontal baler are all suitable for baling corrugated paper scrap. Take SINOBALER corrugated paper balers for example, there are several type of box plant balers for your selections.


Typical box plant baler machines in SINOBALER

Vertical mill size baler is suitable for small size box plants. Since it is in vertical type, the machine installation only requires little space. The bale size can be from 60kgs to 450kgs.

Heavy duty dual ram baler is also a vertical baler but it is suitable for higher compaction.

Manual tie horizontal baler is a machine that its capacity and purchasing price is between vertical baler and fully automatic horizontal baler. It is very popular in Chinese market since it has competitive price and can create very high density bales. So it is a cost effective solution for medium or even large size baling requirements. Because it can work with automatic feeding system and also has PLC control system.

Fully automatic horizontal baler features with high efficiency and automatic baling. Light trim, shredded materials and heavy board trim are all suitable for baling. This machine can carry out material feeding, bale compacting, bale tying and ejection automatically. So the labor cost is minimal. PLC system can control electrical functions to ensure trouble free in whole high density bale production.


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