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Bulk Bag Baling Machine

Bulk bag is also popular as flexible intermediate bulk container or super sack. It is normally available for industrial storing and transporting large quantity of goods purpose. Compared to common sacks, it is more cost effective because it can replace many sacks due to its big size. Tonne bags, jumbo bags or dumpy bags are all bulk bags. They are often standing on a 1m2 pallet. Are bulk bags recyclable? How to recycle bulk bags in an efficient way? Both bulk bug baling machine and shredding machine are quite important size reductions during whole bulk bags recycling process.

Why bulk bags are recyclable?

Bulk bags are environmental and also recyclable in material since most of them are made of woven PP fabric. Virgin PP is a common plastic which can be recycled into other plastic products such as brushes, auto parts, brooms and trays. Since bulk bags have excellent performance in strength, durability and reliability, they are ideal choice to carry a wide range of materials such as sand, powder, pellets and plastic granules etc.

How to reuse or recycle bulk bags?

In most cases, bulk bags can be reused if they can be cleaned. Reuse of bulk bags greatly reduce waste and achieve sustainability. For recycling bulk bags, we have classify bags into different grades. For example, it is better to separate clean and bright white bags from dirty or colored bags.

Collection is the first step for recycling. Compacting bulk bags into bales can be easy for collection and add market value. Recycler takes these bales to reprocessing center for sorting and cleaning. Then bags will be fed through shredders and granulators to reduce their sizes into small flakes. Then further separation process will differentiate contaminants from plastic polymers. Compounding is the final step. That means you can use an extruder to extrude uniform pellets which can be manufactured for a variety of new plastic products.

Bulk bug baling machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of baling machines available for different kind of materials and different capacity requirements. Either vertical or horizontal baler, manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic baler is all suitable for baling bulk bags. So just send us your own baling requirement and we will tailor your case for most suitable bulk bug baling machine recommendation.

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