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Buy Baler Machine

Baler is an important size reduction machine. The decision to buy baler should see the cost to benefit ratio. If cost is much higher than benefit, why you make the investment decision. If benefit is greater than cost, it is a good deal to invest a baler.


Why you need to buy baler?

Some old baler may give out or out of repairment as time goes by. So it is a replacement requirement to buy a new baler. Some may be desirable to have a more efficient new baler with higher technology and more safety features. Others may want a higher output baler to meet increasing output requirement and future plans. After cost and benefit analysis, they have a new purchase requirement of a baler.


Buy new baler or used baler?

New baler and used baler has their own advantages and disadvantages. There are some cases that you can prefer to have an used baler. Otherwise new baler is preferable. Case 1 is when you have limited finance budget. So you cannot afford a new baler purchase cost. Case 2 is you have an urgent need of baler but new baler is not available for immediate delivery. So you have no choice. Case 3 is cost and benefit ratio is much considerable for an used baler. Of course, you should consider the cost to repair because used baler normally does not have warranty period.


Buy cardboard baler, plastic baler or other material baler? Know your baling requirement clearly

Normally different materials baler will have its own features to meet each material’s better baling result. Of course, there is also versatile baler which can bale many materials. But it is good and important to know your baling materials and other baling requirements clearly before making a purchase. Take cardboard for example, you can buy mini baler, vertical mill size baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, manual tie horizontal baler and even fully automatic horizontal baler for your cardboard baling purpose. So baling output, bale size and bale weight are factors to help you to choose the right cardboard baler.