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Cardboard Bailers

Cardboard bailers are a frequent search terms. However cardboard bailers actually refer to cardboard balers. Sometimes it is only a typing problem.


Cardboard waste collection in 2017 China

Waste recycling industry is a barometer of economic. Because when the big economic environment is down, it is also down. This year a variety of scrap prices rebound. So waste collection is alive again due the increasing recycling profit. The current domestic scrap steel price is RMB1600/ton which increased 14%. The aluminum scrap price is RMB10500/ton which has an increase of 23%. The PET bottle scrap also has about 30% in price. The top price increase is waste paper which increased more than 100% and current price is RMB2100/ton. Most waste collection facility or individual has a double profit or income in this year.


Why cardboard waste price is doubled?

The fluctuation of scrap recycling price is in inseparable from the whole commodity market. The reason for the increase is mainly due to the increase in demand for materials in the upstream manufacturing and construction sectors this year. Of course, the acceleration of investment in major engineering and infrastructure projects also contribute a lot. As a result, cardboard and paper waste price increased to a such high level.

Due to the continuous increase of environmental protection in the past two years, a number of small and medium-sized paper mills have been shut down and paper supply has been reduced. However, the rapid growth of e-commerce has also driven the demand for wrapping paper to increase year by year. The imbalance between supply and demand has caused paper prices to rise. Since this year imports of waste paper is limited, it also leads to the shortage of raw materials. The major paper mills frequently acquire waste paper and cardboard nationwide. The soaring price of waste paper is also an important reason for the active recovery of the entire recycling industry.

Previously paper mills need to send out salesman to confirm orders. Now people send orders directly to them and they are just busy with production. So it is much easier to understand the crazy price increase in cardboard and paper waste collection.


Cardboard bailers machine

When waste collection and recycling facility collects huge amount of cardboard and paper waste, they always have a big headache about the storage and transportation to paper mills. Since cardboard waste occupy a lot of space and it is in loose status, they need people to compress them and collect them in a order for easy handling. But manual work is not cost effective and efficient. Also the manual compressing is very limited. This is why you need cardboard bailers (cardboard balers). Cardboard bailer is a compacting machine to compress cardboard waste into dense bales by the hydraulic pressure. Of course, you can also choose to use a cardboard shredder to shred big size cardboard into small pieces and then compress them into bales. Contact SINOBALER for your suitable cardboard bailers now.