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Cardboard Bale Size

Generally speaking, bale size is flexible and can be customized per customer’s individual requirement. Different material has their own ideal bale size due to different purposes of purchasing a baler. Cardboard as one of most popular recyclable materials, has its ideal cardboard bale size for transportation cost and space saving.

What is the ideal cardboard bale size?

This questions can be updated to ‘why you need to bale cardboard’. The most important reason is that customer needs the cardboard baler to save transportation cost. So normally customers will choose the bale size which can achieve maximum loading of truck or container.

The popular cardboard bale sizes in SINOBALER

SINOBAELR has several type of balers which are quite suitable for baling cardboard. Mini baler, mill size baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler, single-ram automatic horizontal baler and L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler are all ideal for compressing cardboard into bales. Of course, different bale size and compressing force will create different density bales. Vertical baler can have flexible bale height, while horizontal baler can have flexible bale length. Below are some popular cardboard bale sizes for your easy reference:

1. Mini baler

L600 * W400 * H(200~500)mm is the most popular cardboard bale size in mini baler.

2. Mill size baler

L1520 * W760 * H(450~1120)mm and L1100 * W760 * H(500~900)mm are the most popular cardboard bale size in mill size baler.

3. Heavy duty dual ram baler

The popular cardboard bale size of heavy duty dual ram baler is similar to that of mill size baler. Since heavy duty dual ram baler has higher compressing force, the bale density will be greater than the bales created by mill size baler.

4. Manual-tie horizontal baler

Bale size L1000 * W750 * H750mm is quite popular in this baler.

5. Single-ram automatic horizontal baler

L * W1100 * H800mm and L * W1100 * H1100 are the most popular bale size in this baler.

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