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Cardboard Baler Factory Selection

Cardboard is the most recycled materials in the world and cardboard baler is widely used in cardboard recycling. How to select a good cardboard baler manufacturer or cardboard baler factory for your cardboard baling purpose?

Here are some tips about how to choose a right cardboard baler factory?

Point 1: manufacturing experience and technical strength
Cardboard baler can be vertical mill size baler or fully automatic horizontal baler. A baler factory with enough baler manufacturing experience and technical strength is the first point you need to consider when choosing a baler factory. The baler appearance can be copied but the whole baler system reconciliation is not easy.

Point 2: export procedure experience
If you want to import a cardboard baler, a good baler factory with enough export experience is a good choice. Because they can choose the best freight rate and the fastest shipping period. Also they can prepare your necessary import shipping docs well and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Point 3: customer reference
A good customer reference can prove baler factory’s selling history, baler quality and service quality.

Point 4: welding, hydraulic part assembling, electrical part connection and painting
Baler manufacturing has four main parts: welding, hydraulic part assembling, electrical part connection and painting. Good welding makes sure you have strong and compact baler frame. Top hydraulic part brand and assembling level make sure your hydraulic system can run perfectly. Good electrical part brand and connection make sure your electrical system can run with no problem. Good painting help to make sure baler looks great.

Point 5: baler price and spare part price
Choosing the best suitable cardboard baler can save much in baler price. A baler investment is a long-term investment. You need to consider baler price, hydraulic parts and electrical parts replacement charge, installation service fee and some consumable materials price like steel wire, PET strap or PP strap etc.

Point 6: internal management system
Do not forget baler factory’s internal management system level. This is very important for your baler’s long term maintenance and part replacement.

Point 7: quality certificate
Quality certificate like approved CE is an indicator of manufacturing level.

Point 8: after sales service
A professional baler factory or baler manufacturer can respond customer’s request, questions and problems quickly and solved all of them in a satisfied level. The good after sales service level makes sure you can reach help in real time and minimize the out-of-service period of your baler.

SINOBALER as a reputable baler manufacturer in China, is your ideal option of cardboard baler factory option. Contact us now and our sales representative will reply all your questions within one working day.

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