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Cardboard Baler for Sale

It is our duty to consider recycling all available recyclable material.  One of the easiest recyclable items of daily use is cardboard.  It can be easily and efficiently recycled with a cardboard baler. Yes, cardboard baler for sale is the ideal hunting ground for those who wish to recycle the huge quantities of cardboard received or generated at their workplaces.

Cardboard baler for sale – Varying sizes for varying requirements

Cardboard baler for sale is available in varying sizes from small ones to large horizontal balers.  Broadly, baler operation can be classified into two types, depending on their operating styles.

  • Vertical cardboard baler – here the plunger moves in a top to bottom fashion. These are ideal for small bale creations.  The small balers come in compact sizes and are easy to fit in restricted space as well.  It is a worthwhile investment as it reduces the volume of waste by 90% approximately.  The smallest baler produces 25 to 35 kg of cardboard bales. This is ideal for small requirement.
  • Horizontal cardboard baler – in these balers the plunger moves from the front to the rear. These balers are generally for larger operations as they have a provision for automatic feeding as well. It is easy to maneuver the loads into the baler.  They are easy to operate.  Further, the bale strapping is easy to replace and the manufacturer of the balers provides the same in large quantities.

Retailers should seriously consider buying cardboard baler for sale.  Besides occupying space, empty cardboard boxes are literally a waste of costs in the business.  Above all cardboard boxes are a potential fire hazard.  By baling and recycling the cardboard, the retailer can divert the empty cardboard boxes from the landfills and thus reduce the carbon footprint.

Cardboard baler for sale is most often backed up with prompt after sales service so you can be assured of uninterrupted efficacy from the baler.


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