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Cardboard Baler Prices

Cardboard is one of the most popular recyclable materials in the world. Baling cardboard into compact bale is an important step during the cardboard transportation and storage. As such, cardboard baler or cardboard compactor is your right cardboard baling machine to choose. Before making a decision to invest a cardboard baler, cardboard recycler should be interested in having cardboard baler prices first.

What affects your cardboard baler prices?

1. Cardboard baler manufacturing cost
– Raw materials and labor cost in different countries and regions are quite different. Usually cardboard baler price especially for automatic baler price from Europe and America will be much greater than that in China. For same manufacturing cost balers, normally baler pricing is always different in different regions.
– Single baler manufacturing cost is much greater than batch production manufacturing cost. So if you have baling request that is more than one baler, it is better to place order in one time so that you should be benefit from the savings of manufacturing cost.

2. Choose the right baler for your cardboard baling need
– Different cardboard baler has quite different price. For example, Automatic cardboard baler prices are much greater than vertical cardboard baler prices.
– Different cardboard baler model has different price. For example, SINOBALER has 7 standard baler models for automatic horizontal baler. Baler model SHBA2-1000 price is much greater than price for SHBA2-200. So it is very important that you can tell us your right output need.

3. Cardboard baler distributor price
Normally cardboard baler manufacturers will work with their distributors to sell baling machines. For example, SINOBALER has many regional distributors all over the world to promote SINOBALER brand baling machines. The cardboard baler distributor price is determined by the distributor agreement between cardboard baler manufacturer and distributor. If you are far from baler manufacturer, it is a good idea to purchase cardboard baler directly from their brand distributor.

4. Cardboard baler delivery cost
Sometime shipping cost is a big cost especially for a vertical cardboard baler. Finding an export experienced baler manufacturer and choosing a right time, you can have a good rate for shipping cost. SINOBALER delivered all kinds of balers to more than 90 countries. You can contact us if you still have any doubts in purchasing a baler.

5. Cardboard baler stock price
Many baler manufacturers may have some stock balers for marketing and urgent delivery purpose. You may get a good rate of stock baler price in their promotion period.

6. Cardboard baler standard model price
After years of experience in baler industry, each baler manufacturer will have their own baler models for different applications and output. So they will set standard manufacturing process to minimize the manufacturing cost for these standard baler models. So normally customized cardboard baler price is much greater than standard cardboard baler price.

Get a cardboard baler machine quote from SINOBALER

Inquire a cardboard baler or get a cardboard baler quote from SINOBALER if you have cardboard baling needs.

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